It is a modern alternative to Bitcoin for mass adoption and aims to evolve as a foundation of a decentralized, global, digital crypto-based economic system with greater community participation. Derived from the principles of distributed ledger technology, members of this system may securely transfer, transact, accumulate and trade the digital asset (RIK) for the benefit of themselves and the entire community.

Our Motives

  • Explain Rikeza to anyone new to the technology
  • Help new users get started with RIKEZA
  • Help new developers to start building D-Apps
  • Cover updates in the Rikeza world
  • Showcase and trade digital assets globally created by the community.

Essence and Principles of Rikeza

  • is the portal to Rikeza.
  • The purpose of our content is to be an onbording portal continously evolving, a platform for the community making them more visible and discoverable.
  • We want our users to have their interests stimulate and their questions answered.
  • We have a diverse community constantly evolving , we want to work for the community with the community. OUR VISION is to grow as a unit